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Bogut may never reach potential as injuries continue to dog his career

It’s hard to watch. Andrew Bogut, the talented Australian center who plays for Golden State, has had to rest due to another injury. After the horrendous elbow break, Bogut has really struggled to get back on his feet. Now he has back issues that simply refuse to go away. After being traded to the Warriors from Milwaukee, Bogut has only played 12 games out of a possible 82. At 28, its looking more and more unlikely that the once bubble All Star will ever reach his ceiling.


Bogut looks to go up strong against the Suns Luis Scola

To say that it is a shame is an understatement. Bogut showed true stretches of dominance at Milwaukee, and was the hope of a team that often struggled through the season. Unfortunately, when things seemed to be coing togehter for the Bucks, Bogut was nudged in the back by Amare Stoudemire, and simply slammed to the ground. From there, everything has gone quickly down. Here’s hoping that Bogut can mean more to the Warriors than an expiring contract.