Miami vs Boston: Game Three

Marquis Daniels was certainly prepared to play as he provided the spark to help the Celtics win their first game at home. The Celtics got 20+ points from three of their big four as Garnett, Pierce and Rondo all poured in the points.

LeBron James was unstoppable as he had 34 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists but did not receive a great deal of help from his partner in crime as Wade only added 18 points.



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  1. Miami deserve to win the series, they probably have the best front court in the league, not to mention their MVP point guard LeBron James tearing it up basically every game.

    Boston don’t have a chance; they are old and decrepit, have no outside shooting outside of Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo’s poor passing and lack of a jumpshot will be their downfall. They try to do too much. Since Shaq left, they’ve struggled mightily. This is where a star player like Adam Morrison would come in handy.

    Also, your blog needs to make mention of the draft.

  2. No jumpshooting? There’s a certain person called Ray Allen on that team. Boston stand more than a chance and will certainly give a run for Miami’s money. LeBron should watch out.

    • Well you would be wrong, Ray Allen is no longer Jesus Shuttlesworth and it shows. His jumpshot has declined significantly over the past year and if I’m not mistaken, Andrew Bynum has a better three point percentage than him. It says a lot.

      Tell me what happens once that overrated power forward Rajon Rondo loses his geriatric teammates. He will be exposed as a terrible, passive agressive has-been.

      Take Miami lightly at your own peril. As long as they have the big three in Lebron, Wade and Haslem, they’ll be winning games.

      Bandwagoning Boston supporters are what get on my nerves, you don’t see that on top teams like the Heat and Thunder.

  3. I think you have you’re positions mixed up. Rondo is a point guard and the youth for the Celtics future. And the Heat are the worst when it comes to band wagoners, not the Celtics.

    Udonis Haslem can barely get out of his own way, let alone score regularly. Very wrong.

    • I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about, Rondo is the power forward for the Celtics and he isn’t that good. Sure he can distribute the ball now, but you watch his numbers decline once his buddies KG, Allen and Pierce retire. He’s being carried by them and anyone who watches basketball knows that.

      His aggressive nature won’t help him either, one of the dirtiest players in the game when he gets frustrated. Once the losses start to pile up, so will the technicals and ejections.

      Sorry, I meant Juwan Howard. There’s a reason he was part of the fab five at Michigan. He was and still is a dominant PF in this league. If he was given playing time, there’s no reason why he couldn’t average 20 ppg, even with Bosh, Wade and Lebron in the team. And I’ll stand by that statement.

      You just wait for all the Celtics fans to scatter once the ‘big 3’ leave.

  4. I would love to see Juwan Howard put up those numbers. and his career hasnt been good since Michigan. Rondo is basically carrying the big three with him right now. You just seem like an angry Wizards fan who’s realised theyre not getting Robinson

  5. Typical bandwagoning Boston supporter that can’t look into the future. You have nothing at all going for you once the big three leave, who’s going to step up? Granted Sasha Pavlovic is a star and he’ll walk up into that side and be in MVP contention, but other than that only Avery Bradley has potential to be a starter and even then, he isn’t that good.

    I’m sorry if this is going to hurt your feelings, but your team is going to be terrible. Not Bobcats terrible, but still terrible. Especially if you persevere with the worst PF in the league in Rondo.

    With Juwan Howard, if he gets playing time it will happen. He’s still got at least 5 years left in the league so there’s still time. I haven’t seen someone with his skills and general dominance on the offensive and defensive ends since Kwame Brown and his 31 point, 19 rebound performance. You can’t deny he has talent, if it wasn’t for poor coaching he would have easily had a career rivalling Tim Duncan. Probably better.

    As for the Wizards, they’re going to be a force very soon. Dare I say dynasty. It’s more than likely that they’ll win 3 of the next 5 championships. With John Wall’s 3 point shooting, Jordan Crawford’s selflessness, MGK or Beal adding to the team in the draft, Nene’s dominance at the center position and possibly the greatest power forward of the generation in Trevor Booker it isn’t too hard to imagine the Wizard’s dominating from the get go.

    Haters gonna hate

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