Nuggets vs Lakers: Game Seven (Lakers win 4-3)

It took them 7 games to do so but the Lakers finally sealed a series win against a brave Denver Nugget outfit. Ty Lawson and crew fought hard all series long but in the end it just was not enough to overcome the championship experience of the Lakers. However, management of the Nuggets can be proud as their team has won more games in the post season post-Melo than Anthony has in NYC. Some great work by the management there only reinforced. Acquiring JaVale McGee, whom many thought a lose cause, proved to be inspired with McGee and Faried forming a great front court tandem. The future is bright in Colorado.

Posted on May 14, 2012, in Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Have to agree with your comments there.The future is bright for Denver. Quite disappointed the Lakers won – I don’t believe the better team did, or rather their inconsistency showed they didn’t deserve the series victory as they had a player like Kobe to bail them out more often than not (though I concur it was Pau and Bynum who won Game 7 for them).

    A Nuggets/Thunder series would have been better for the NBA than a Lakers/Thunder one, which ultimately, in my opinion will be a bit of joke. The Thunder will eventually dominate them and prove that that Lakers had no chance of winning the conference even if they made it that far. The Nuggets would have shaken it up and made it interesting whereas the tired old, inconsistent Lakers will plod through another series where Kobe either wins it for them or doesn’t and players like Artest and Bynum have meltdowns and do something that proves their immaturity to the rest of the world (again). I respect Kobe, but he’s team is just average now.

  2. Hmm, yes and no. Perhaps the Nuggets would of served up a more entertaining series, but I seriously doubt they would of threatened the Thunder. It’s said everytime the Lakers play, but their size always makes them a competitor. That and Kobe haha. If sessions can somewhat handle Westbrook, this series will be much more competetive. And Kobe is still hungry for another championship. Will the Thunder win? More than likely yes, but the Lakers will no doubt give them a challenge!

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