Grizzlies vs Clippers: Game Six

The Grizzlies evened the ledger against the LA Clippers as they forced a Game 7 on their court by winning in LA 90-88. Marc Gasol again stood up tall as he posted a 23 point, 9 rebound game, but Zach Randolphwas the star of the show as he took over with 18 points and 16 rebounds, including 6 offensive boards.

In a hectic finish, Rany Foye stepped out of bounds on a missed free throw but quickly made up for it with a big three to bring the Clippers within 2 points but a smart play from Marc Gasol finished them off. Proving he has a basketball brain, Gasol quickly inbounded the ball while the CIippers will still celebrating/matching up. Mike Conley raced down the court and by the time a single Clipper got near him, the clock had expired. Now the Clips face the prospect of losing a series after securing a 3-1 lead.

“All this means nothing because this is a one-game series, and everyone has a chance to win.”
— Memphis coach Lionel Hollins

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