Sixers-Bulls series hardly going as planned

After yesterdays triumph, the Philadelphia 76ers only need one more win to become this years Memphis Grizzlies. For something that has not happened very often in history, we are looking at having the same thing occur two years in a row. Of course, injuries have played a major part in this series, with the absence of Derrick Rose the number one reason that many fall back to. But it’s hardly like the Sixers have been handed the series.

Luol Deng has had zero impact on this series so far and looks a shadow of the All Star that he is. Andre Iguodala has played some great defence on him, blocking him out of the game, basically out-Denging Deng. Luol also looks lost. The Sixers don’t really have a player for Deng to clamp down on. It is almost as if the absence of the a real superstar is detrimental to Deng’s play. He does seem to play best when he is playing off someone, when he is clamping down on the defensive end. His offense usually comes from his defence and that has been lacking. He is unfortunately carrying a wrist injury, which could not be helping him in the slightest.

However, the play of many Sixers have also helped fuel the wins. Jrue Holiday in particular has been playing out of his skin, turning in great performance after great performance. Most importantly, he’s not trying to do too much. Everything he does looks as if it is part of the offence, that it is natural. He rarely looks like he is forcing a play and is running Coach Doug Collin’s offense to perfection. Also, by getting out on the fast break, he brings the Sixer’s ridiculous athleticism into play, as shown by some of Iguodala’s and Thaddeus Young’s high flying dunks.

With the Bulls down 3-1, it looks like the Sixers will take this series. Even if the Bulls do get past the Sixers, they certainly are not slippng past the Celtics or the Heat. The Bulls championship hopes are most certainly shot this time around, especially without Noah, as well as Rose. The greatest measure of success is probably going to be how the rebound next year. Bulls players, staff and supporters are all desperately hoping that Rose’s knee injury will not stop him from playing at the same break neck speed that he usually does.

Because if he cannot, the Bulls could very well be facing a similar situation as the Portland Trailblazers and Brandon Roy. Promise cut short by injury.


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