Magic vs Pacers: Game Three

Roy Hibbert finally took full advantage of his size as he put in 18 points to lead the Pacers to a big 23 win in Orlando. Hibbert also ripped down 10 rebounds as Danny Granger had 26 points to make up for the lack of scoring presence from David West, who only had 3 points. The Magic on the other hand had few major contributors, with Hedo Turkoglu still struggling though injury and Jason Richardson and Ryan Anderson simply disappearing.



Glen Davis was one of the few Magic players to win his match up, getting into the body of the taller Hibbert and ramming his way towards 22 points. One time ‘Big Baby’, Davis has stepped up and is seeming to thrive as the central cog for his team.

“That (Game 1) loss really woke us up. It showed us what Orlando is capable of, and we knew we had to really play in this series to win. We have been executing, especially on the defensive end. Our offense comes and goes, but defensively we’ve been there the whole series.”
— Granger

Despite a brave game one victory, it look very unlikely that the Magic will get another victory in this series, let alone get through it. They simply do not have the quality, let alone the depth of quality. Look for the Magic and Stan Van Gundy to fight to the end, but expect the Pacers to win this one.

Fernando Medina/NBAE/Getty Images

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