Bobcat’s future brighter than expected

Not much is ever said about the Charlotte Bobcats. They’re on track for the worst NBA record of all time.

They seem to be going down as Michael Jordan’s only mistake. But can they be competitive next season?

Unless they get a win against either the Wizards, Magic or New York Knicks, the Bobcats of 2011-2012 will go down as the worst team in NBA history.

They are hoping that the first overall pick falls into their hands and that they get to pick up NCAA tournament superstar Anthony Davis.

With Davis in the fold, the Bobcats have a team for the future, a bit of hope on the horizon if nothing else.

A lineup of Byron Mullens at the center, Anthony Davis at the power forward, Corey Maggette, Gerald Henderson and either DJ Augustin or Kemba Walker isn’t top of the league quality but it’s certainly an improvement.

Another option could perhaps be to trade off Byron Mullens to a team that desires a big man. In other words half the league. This would hand defensive monster Bismack Biyombo the start and the Bobcats would be well and truly setting themselves up for the future.

The trio of Davis, Biyombo and Walker could be one to carry the franchise in the future. Davis provides the inside scoring presence that a successful team needs and is no concession on the defensive end, as his NCAA final showed.

Biyombo could very well develop into the type of heart and soul of a team that Kevin Garnett is. He has the defensive skill set similar to a Garnett, and whilst he has nowhere near the same offensive capacity that Garnett has, its certainly something that could develop.

Either way, a coach would much rather a offensive liability than a defensive one.

Kemba Walker is perhaps the most important piece in this entire puzzle. Like what Anthony Davis will have to deal with, Kemba has gone from the top of the competition to the rock bottom.

Walker offers perimeter scoring but also his playmaking will be essential in getting easy buckets for his big men. Whether or not he gets the start is another question though, and a difficult one for Silas.

Perhaps both Augustin and Walker could start in the same front court, exchanging ball handling duties throughout the game. This would help take some of the pressure off Walker whilst making sure his confidence is where it needs to be.

Then if we assume that the Bobcats have another year of bottoming out, which is more than likely, they can add another piece through the draft. Perhaps the best option for this franchise is to simply press the restart button.

Stock up on draft picks, trade your incumbent assets and do your best to have enough money to resign your young players. Because the last thing any team needs is to lose their great hopes to another team because some has-been is sucking up salary space.

With the Bobcats well set with draft picks both current and in the future, perhaps we will see the long awaited return to competitiveness from MJ’s team.


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