Kobe pulls Lakers through again, despite shooting woes

Kobe Bryant has to be one of, if not the, most uncaring basketballer in history. Few other players can care so little about missing, and keep shooting the basketball. Whilst some would argue this is a bad thing, there has to be some level of admiration. The man simply does not care, and this is a helpful attribute in itself. Not every night is going to be your night, as shown by the Lakers game against the Hornets.

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

Kobe went 0-15 in the first three quarters, with 0 points, no free throws, nothing, for the worst start of his career. Yet when the fourth quarter came, the lid suddenly came off the hoop, and Kobe went for 11 points, including the 3 pointer that gave them the lead. He was 0-7 from downtown before that point. Somehow he managed to pull through

This probably has much to do with the unwavering faith that Kobe has in his game. He believe that he is the best, he knows that eventually his shots will start to fall. Call it arrogance, but when you are that good, eventually you will start to score. Many would say ‘HE DIDNT PASS THE BALL ENOUGH!!’ yet he still had 5 assists and his role on that team is to shoot the ball. He is there to score, to win the game for his team. And despite his terrible shooting night, he still managed to pull his team through. Is Kobe the greatest closer the game has ever seen? You tell me.

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