Shortened season continues to rack up its victims

Injuries are ravaging this shortened season. With some discussing whether this shortened season had been a positive thing and should continue, injuries are the number one reason why this shouldn’t happen. Amare Stoudemire has fallen, the exciting Jeremy Lin also taken by injury. They Golden State Warriors have Andrew Bogut out with injury, Stephen Curry has barely seen any game time whatsoever. Recently Ray Allen has been sidelined. Derrick Rose has had absolutely no chance to defend his MVP title, his season ravaged by a horrible back injury. Al Horford has been knocked out for most of the season as well. With this hectic schedule, all the excitement has covered up the terrible and growing list of injuries to the games’ best players. The game is losing its superstars to injury and whilst every season there are injuries, this season more than most has seen many teams lining up with nowhere near their best team lining up.

One only has to think of a team to think of a name. Cavaliers? Anderson Varejao. Oklahoma City? Eric Maynor. Chicago Bulls? Not just Rose, but also Rip Hamilton. It’s not just the team’s success that is being compromised, but also players’ careers could very well be compromised. What if Rose has developed a chronic back injury that has been triggered by the fast paced schedule? Will we ever see his absolute true potential? Whilst this is speculation in many regards, this really has to be considered in great depth before we start thinking about any kind of shortened or compressed season.


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