Can the Magic contend in the East?

With the Dwight Howard drama over for now, the question that is on many lips is whether or not Dwight can bring a championship to the other part of Florida. It’s a difficult question to answer. Could they go through both Miami and Chicago to get out of the East? It’s doubtful really. Both teams have suffocating defences, they defend in swarms, and they both have great defensive anchors with Noah and Anthony in the middle that can match up with Howard one on one to at least an extent. Dwight will still dominate the games he does, and will put up 15 points at the very least every game, but the key will probably rest with the perimeter play. Turkoglu will need to rediscover the Hedo of old, which may just not be possible anymore, when he was a pivotal figure in Orlando’s march to the Finals.

Many are crying out for them to pick up Steve Nash over the offseason. This will probably be a good move on the court, with Steve Nash still handing out 10 dimes again, and has proven to be deadly in a pick and roll, which could work to great success with Dwight Howard. Whether or not he’s actually an upgrade over Jameer Nelson is debatable, but if one thing is certain about all this, is that they need to do something, they have to be active. Dwight won’t be happy if they sit back and do nothing. If Ryan Anderson can keep up his great play, maybe they have a chance. But there is a great deal of ‘ifs’ here. They will always be a threat as long as they have Superman in the middle, and they will be at the very least the 3rd seed in the East. Whether they can truly make an impact on the seeming inevitable plot of the Eastern playoffs is another thing entirely.


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