Atlanta and Utah go one better

Scott Cunningham/NBAE/Getty Images

They couldn’t let them have it could they. Two days the ‘game of the year’ title rested in the hands of Minnesota and Oklahoma. Two short days. And then the Atlanta Hawks and Utah Jazz decided to go one better. They decided to have four overtimes. Virtually a 6 quarter game. The 3rd longest game in NBA history. Sorry Wolves and Thunder fans, but this year’s title is virtually guaranteed to the Hawks and Jazz. Granted it didn’t have Kevin Durant’s buzzer beater, followed due by Kevin Loves huge shot to tie it. This was a true marathon.Three players were fouled out. 14 players spread over each team scored in double figures. Millsap, Pachulia, Jefferson, Harris and Smith all had double doubles. From a pure stat line point of view, this game was phenomenal. Milsapp, Jefferson and Smith all fouled out by the end of the game. There were buzzer beaters everywhere, clutch threes from a multitude of players. Big shots were made by players from both teams.

Joe Johnson and Al Jefferson led the way for their teams, with 37 and 28 points respectively. Johnson was phenomenal for the Hawks, knocking down big shot after big shot, always there to hit the big shot for his team.

Scott Cunningham/NBAE/Getty Images


Both of these games were phenomenal. We were lucky to have two of these games within a year, let alone in the same week! Let me know which one you thought was the better game and why.

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