Showdown in Oklahoma

Layne Murdoch/NBAE/Getty Images

The greatest game of the year contained two unlikely participants. Whilst many would expect to see Western leaders OKC in here, few could of imagined that Minnesota would be able to keep up with the big guys for so long. And yet they did. Somehow. That was in no small part to a certain man called Kevin Love, who played a bit of basketball, scoring a franchise record and in turn career high 51 points, not to mention 14 important rebounds. JJ Barea also had a amazing triple double off the bench(!) with 25 points 10 rebounds and 14 assists. Yet somehow it still was not enough to take the Wolves over the Thunder. The best(or maybe second best, depending on your view of Miami) two man punch in the NBA were too much. Kevin Durant had 40 points and 17 rebounds, while his partner in crime Russel Westbrook had a career high 45 points to lead the way for the Thunder.

Yet it wasn’t just the records that were broken which made such an entertaining game. It seemed that every shot that fell through that basket was completely vital, that every single point was absolutely crucial. And that’s not to mention the last frantic seconds of regulation, where it looked like Kevin Durant’s cold hearted had sealed the game for the Thunder with a huge three with only 5 seconds remaining. The game looked over, won by yet another buzzer beater from KD. The ball went down the other end, was passed in to the other Kevin, who knocked down a massive three over the shorter defender Westbrook to send the game into the first overtime. Was probably the game of the year already. Yet there was more to come.

Towards the end of overtime, it looked like the Timberwolves had the game under control, up 3 points with 10 seconds remaining. Yet I’m sure you can guess who stepped up to the plate. KD knocked down a corner three under intense pressure to tie it up again and send the game into double overtime.

But in the second overtime, it looked like the Wolves ran out of steam as the Thunder ran over them, outscoring them 11 to 20. Yet if nothing else, perhaps the Wolves came of age in this game, maybe proved themselves to be a real player in the Western playoffs if they can get in there.


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