Harden or Terry?

Who would you rather coming off your bench? Jason Terry or James Harden? Probably a year or less ago, a certain Lamar Odom and possibly even Jamal Crawford, but trades to different teams and different teams have seemed to knock them off the list. These two great players are prime examples of how a player can’t play out of a certain system, that often that can be the reason for their success.


Jason Terry would probably have the edge here on a pure filling up the bucket. He can come off the bench and knock down 5 shots on end, and on a team that struggles for offensive diversity, this can be absolutely vital as shown by his phenomenal series against the Lakers. Hardens outside shot is certainly improving, but Terry gets the points here.




Both have great prowess in this area, especially on the pick and roll. Terry to Nowitzki on the pick and pop is something that has been heard more then a few times. But lets see Terry get Kendrick Perkins a basket (as much as I love Perk for his work at the C’s, he’s far from an offensive force) the way that Harden can. Harden has a distinct advantage here, and with two superstars in Westbrook and Durant, it’s a common site to see Harden making the plays towards the end of a game. Fear the Beard, Harden gets the points here.




Terry is an undersized defender but works hard to get into the passing lanes. But one on one, he cannot really match up with the likes of Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. That said, he went through both of them to win a NBA championship, so maybe he’s a much better defender then I give him credit. James Harden is quite a competent defender and he gets the advantage here, if only because of his size.


This cliché of an ‘x-factor’ is something that is thrown around quite a bit, but truly is something needed when coming off the bench, especially as early as some of these guys do. There’s no chance to warm up, no chance to put up a couple of shots before it counts, and you’re usually thrust into the breach to try and stop a run, or build a lead. Far from an easy task. For this pure ability to come off the bench and change a game, Terry has to have the advantage.

It’s a difficult decision to make. Terry is probably a more explosive scorer, and yet Harden is more consistent and gives up less on the defensive end. It almost depends on what the team needs, and in this case they fill a role for both their teams. When the Mavs need scoring other then Dirk, they look to Terry. When the Thunder want someone at the point who is a bit more level headed than the likes of Russell Westbrook, Scott Brooks turns down his bench and points at Harden. However, on my team, I cant go past the scoring of Jason Terry, so he is my pick.


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