Who’s going to win the lottery for the eighth seed?

The eighth spot in the West is one that seems to be in almost constant dispute, with many teams in contention for it. Here’s a look at four of the most likeable suitors

Phoenix Suns:

What to like:

Steve Nash. He’s still here in Phoenix, and isn’t off chasing championships as some predicted. As long as he can keep up his youthful play, and probably pick up his scoring to around 10 a game, the Suns have a chance. They also seem to be coming up at the right time of the year, and with only 19 games or so left in the season, there can be no doubt that now is the right time to start winning.

What not to like:

Age. The Suns are simply an old team. Their best player is on the wrong side of 35 and although he is playing well now, one has to wonder how long he can keep up his great play. Also, if he doesn’t play well, the Suns don’t really have the depth to pick up the slack in any way.

Houston Rockets

What to like:

They Rockets have the size in the middle to compete with the best in the league, with both Camby and Dalembert starters on any other team. Luis Scola is also coming into form, and would be more then helpful in the slower playoff game, where low post scoring is vital. They have the scoring as well in Courtney Lee and Kevin Martin, and new coach Kevin McHale has them all playing at a high level.

What not to like:

Not a great deal really. Injuries are the only problem for them at the moment, with both Kyle Lowry and Martin out with injuries

Utah Jazz

What to like:

Much like the Rockets, the Jazz have the big trees in the middle. Al Jefferson is one of the best post players in the league and Paul Millsap can score with the best of them. Josh Howard’s injury did leave quite a hole in their lineup, but Gordon Hayward is filling in more then respectably, and with a solid unit off the bench with Tinsley and Favors, as well as goliath Enes Kanter, the Jazz seem to have what it takes. They have also claimed quite a few big scalps, such as the LA Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What not to like:

Lack of experience. With the departure of Jerry Sloan, the Jazz don’t have many players that have gone deep into the play offs. If OKC didn’t snap him up, Derek Fisher would have been a great pickup for a team severely lacking in any form of big time experience.

Minnesota Timberwolves

What to like:

Kevin Love is a MVP candidate and quite possibly the best power forward in the game. He needs to keep rebounding and scoring for the Wolves to have any chance. If Beasely can score 15 to 20 points a game, then maybe they have a chance, otherwise, it looks grim for a team desperate for playoff action

What not to like:

With the injury of Rubio, the Wolves lost their young floor general and their best passer. If they miss the playoffs this year, this young mans injury will be the reason why.


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