Knicks play D under new coach Woodson

So the Knicks are playing defence. Who would of thought! With the firing of run and gun man Mike D’Antoni, Mike Woodson has come in and drilled his defensive mentality into the likes of Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. Under Woodson, the Knicks are now 3-0, beating the Blazers and Pacers (twice). Lin appears reinvigorated, with him not being the main story anymore after the firing of D’Antoni, its looks like much of the pressure is off his shoulders. Tyson Chandler is healthy and angry in the key, and appears back to his usual defensive ways, anchoring this Knicks defence. Maybe the reason this is all suddenly clicking is because, the fact is, the Knicks have the offensive firepower. Carmelo Anthony is the best scorer in the NBA and Stoudemire can certainly still put up the points, so really that end of the floor shouldn’t be the focus. The Knicks will score the ball, but with two ball stoppers in ‘Melo and STAT, a run and gun offence didn’t seem to suit. This new focus on defence under Woodson perhaps takes the pressure off the offence, has the players thinking less when they get down their end, and lets these natural scorers do their thing. It’s certainly a cliché, but the best teams in the NBA play defence at the highest level, whether we’re talking Boston’s suffocating defence or the Heats ability to play the passing lanes, champions play defence. And whilst the Knicks aren’t on championship level just yet, playing both ends of the floor is a big step towards reaching the level that New York City craves.


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