Gilbert to the Griz

Gilbert Arenas has been signed to the Memphis Grizzlies for $300,000 over the rest of the year. But can he play a positive role in the River City. It would seem that the Griz want him there to back up starting point guard Mike Conley, coming off the bench to hopefully score the ball. However, was this not the role he had in Orlando? That was far from a pretty affair for both parties. That said, Arenas was dragging bung knees with him which definitely slowed him down during his time in Orlando. Perhaps the extended break has given him a chance for his weary legs to recover, and maybe we’ll see the Agent 0 of old. There should be plenty of three point looks for the guard, with the post play of Randolph and Gasol and both big men being good passers for their positions. It’s difficult to say whether he will benefit from no longer being the ‘answer’ as he was at the Wizards, or if he will not play as well not having the ball in his hand every second possession. Whatever ends up going down, the Grizzlies will definitely have their fingers crossed that this venture into former All-Star guards won’t end the same way it did last time when they signed Allen Iverson.


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