Do the Suns have any hope of playoff action?

Will the Suns make the playoffs? Their recent run has some believing that led by a Fountain of Youth drinking Steve Nash and a double-double big man in Marcin Gortat that this is a possibility. And the Suns have got the second best record after the break, falling short of only the East leading Chicago Bulls. However, do the Suns really have the depth to keep this up? Jared Dudley was only last year a solid bench player at that, and now he’s a starting shooting guard? Can he keep up a 12+ point contribution? Perhaps the key here is the play of veterans Grant Hill and Michael Redd. Of course here we’re assuming that Nash keeps up his ridiculous play, but if Hill can continue to match it on the defensive end with the best offensive players and Redd can make a solid contribution of the bench, then maybe the Suns will be getting somewhere. They’re half a game off Houston for 8th seed, and are above .500, but the teams that they have beaten during this streak are hardly top echelon, barring the Clippers and the Mavericks. Their mettle will truly be tested this week though, with games against both the Miami Heat and the still Dwight lead Orlando Magic. After that their path calms down until a big test in San Antonio. If the Suns can come out of the next 6 games having beaten one or two of these powerhouses, perhaps we will be seeing them in the post season.

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